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Real Estate Videography

by Brandon Tanori
Real Estate Videography

Real Estate Videography: Sell Your Property Faster

The National Association of Realtors recognize the growing trend in properties using videos to help with marketing efforts. Real Estate Videography is a safe bet to increase traffic at your next open house with motivated buyers that are ready to make an offer.

With a large percentage of buyers coming from a digital resource, it’s imperative for agents to make sure they are highlighting their vendor’s property to the best of their ability. A real estate video is an excellent way of achieving this because it gets potential buyers attention for up to 5 minutes, gains an emotional attachment and a better feel and understanding for the property.

***Two versions of each video are created: One unbranded version for MLS and the other version is for marketing the property everywhere else.*** 

Turnaround time for final videos is up to 24 – 48 hours.

Enhance your online marketing campaign with one of our professionally produced real estate videos. We service all of Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Call 323-364-2760 today for more information!

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