About Me

by Brandon Tanori

About Me

Brandon Tanori

Brandon Tanori was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He found his passion for film and television when he pursued his bachelor’s degree in film production at Howard University in Washington, DC. After completing his bachelor’s, he wanted to take his education and skills to the next level. Soon after, he was admitted into a new graduate program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in Television Writing & Producing.

Since he graduated in 2013, Brandon has been working for CBS in the writer’s office for the procedural drama, Elementary. Even though his aspirations are to be a professional writer on a primetime show, he utilizes the production skills he learned from his undergraduate education, working for the Department of Defense, and DC Public Access Television Station.

Since 2012, Brandon has been freelancing as a videographer and functioning as an all around film guru for hire. He mostly films weddings and special events, but he truly loves filming scripted material, which will hopefully one day bring him closer to his dream of writing for television.

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