Aquaview Showermi$er How To Video

by Brandon Tanori

This was a how to video of a company that was still in development. Just learning about it was really cool. If you have an RV I suggest you give it a try.

Water is a “Hot” topic! In some areas access to clean affordable water is reaching crisis stages. Our supply of water is under attack from multiple fronts. As a country/world, we do very little to protect and extend the life of this valuable commodity. It doesn’t take a scientist to see that without changing the way we secure, store and use this resource, we will run out of water! You only have to look at the dried up reservoirs in Arizona, California and Nevada! While our natural supplies of water decrease, our wastage increases. During the course of living our daily lives, we unintentionally waste this commodity that is so crucial to our existence. At Aqua View, we believe that by utilizing our patented products and technologies, we can make it easier for you to become part of the solution!

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